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I figure a fitting first post is an introduction to Improved Life, as well as a little bit about myself and my interests.  I have had this domain for quite a few years now, and this site has gone through a few different iterations as my interests change and as time allows.   The majority of this time has been ‘down time’ and the site has sat idle. - BullishD Introduction

Image taken on a 3 day kayak trip around Franklin Island on Georgian Bay. This was taken from one of the thousands of small rocky islands out on the water.

I’ve decided to get off my ass and start up the site once more, this time its going to cover a broad spectrum of topics which when put together are what I am passionate about in life.   You will notice a few common themes throughout; The first being “The outdoors”  I love the outdoors,  I will use any excuse I can find to be outside and enjoy nature as it should be.  I am very fortunate to live in Ontario, Canada  and be so close to so many lakes and forests.  There is a beauty and simplicity in nature which is what I love, and brings me to the second theme you’ll notice here.  Simplicity.  I strive to make my life as simple as possible, this is a much harder thing to do then it would seem, especially when you take into consideration the third theme you will find here.  I tend to go through a lot of hobbies, and interests.   I am fascinated by new things and learning new skills, so there will be a lot of topics and ideas covered on this site as my interests and hobbies change.   Don’t worry though,  they always tie into each other somehow and my overall interests never change.   I’ve been cursed at many times for introducing new idea’s and methods to people who were happy until they “had to try” this new thing along with me.  Keeping things simple with this can get difficult, but I am always looking at ways to ‘go lighter’, ‘take less’ and simplify what I am doing.

What you need to know about me,  well, I am a thirty-something and have been married to my beautiful and talented wife since 2006.  We don’t have any kids (yet) but we do have a pet dog (Jazz).  I am a software developer by trade, but my real passion lies in the outdoors.  We live in Ontario, Canada, in an area that is just south of whats considered ‘cottage country’, we have one and a half acres of land on our property in the ‘country’,  although I want more, it is more then enough to keep us busy and happy.  I believe we are in an ideal spot, as we are a quick drive away from two separate cities and are minutes from the local forests and lakes.

For the rest, I’ll leave that up to you to piece together as you follow along on my journey to find a simpler and improved life.

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